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WOW! your friends and family by committing to brave the shave! (Who needs hair anyway?)


Unfortunately, the side effects of some desmoid tumor treatments can be harsh and scary. When the body changes due to a medication, there can be feelings of loss and a fear. There can become a new, unfamiliar normal.


The BraveTheShave challenge is taken by people who want to stand in solidarity with their loved one who has desmoid tumors. It says, "I see you, and I'll join you on this road."

1. The biggest step that needs to be taken by any #bravetheshave challenger is coming to terms with letting go of your hair. It sounds simple (it's only hair!), but taking time to process and be sure that this is okay for you is an important step before committing to it. If you are, move to step 2.

You can go bald OR you can get a buzz cut. Going bald is striking, and may feel like greater loss, whereas holding onto 1/2 inch can make a huge difference. Keep this in mind when setting up your challenge!

2. Set your fundraising goal (at least $1,000). If you have long hair, you may want to think about making your goal on the higher side. This challenge has shock value- use it to your advantage!

3. Pick your date. How long do you think you'll need to reach your goal?

4. Tell the truth. Are you doing this for someone special? Are you doing it for yourself? 

5. Add trimmings as the weeks go on. 

  • Introduce your followers to your accomplice who will cut your hair.

  • Will you share your haircut on social media? Make it a FB live?

  • Will you invite the media? Is this an opportunity for you to speak out?

  • Will you donate your hair?


Need more support? We got you!




And remember, you can always post in our Facebook accountability group, the RFA Challenge Chat, for support! Check in with us if you're looking to train, and would like to be held accountable. We are here to support you!

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