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"I didn't realize how easy fundraising could be. Social media makes it easy and non-threatening. People that I didn't know were donating because they knew my daughter from their child's class or because they were friends of friends. Before I knew it we raised $2,500 and we're still going!” ~ Jennifer D., Caregiver

Fundraising doesn't have to be challenging. Setting a goal and working towards it can empower you in reminding you that you can make a difference.


Below are some resources to help with your fundraising efforts. 

Also, here are some past events that have been hosted by fundraisers

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Guide for Team Captains 

Toolkit for Virtual Participants 

Fundraising on Facebook!

Fundraising Tips from DTRF Board Member, Rachel Sitta

Fundraising with Big Red

Fundraising Secrets from the Captain of Team Margie 

How to fundraise on Facebook

Cash, checks and Facebook Donations... oh my! 

Fundraiser Christina Navigates Our Fundraising Platform, Classy 

Talking about Desmoid Tumors 


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