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Join the #Dizzy4Desmoids


Take the challenge! Choose this challenge to spread awareness for desmoid tumors and to LAUGH. This is fun challenge, and will be sure to inspire a giggle from those participating, giving and watching.


Back in 2014, this challenge was created by the Desmoid Dash planning committee. They were looking for a way to promote the 5K Dash, and raise funds, so they created this fun challenge. You can do this yourself, and even involve the whole family! The more people you tag, the more you spread the word, and the more donations you'll bring in!

Here are steps to plan your dizzy4desmoids challenge:

  1. Ask a friend to capture your challenge on your smart phone.

  2. Grab a bat, a golf club or anything you can spin around with your forehead against it. 

  3. Pick a sunny place outside (on the grass preferrably).

  4. Declare your challenge! 

  5. Here's a sample script:

I am taking the RFA Virtual Challenge! We are getting #dizzy4desmoids to raise awareness for desmoid tumor research! {List the names of people you are challenging}! You have 48 hrs to complete the challenge or donate $50 to my fundraising page (INCLUDE LINK HERE)! 

#rfavirtualchallenge #dizzy4desmoids

  6. Post your video to social media and tag the people you are challenging in your video! 

  7. Share and like your friends' videos and be sure to thank them when they donate!


Need more support? We got you!




And remember, you can always post in our Facebook accountability group, the RFA Challenge Chat, for support! Check in with us if you're looking to train, and would like to be held accountable. We are here to support you!

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