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Founding Running For Answers

Desmoid tumor patient Sera Snyder became her own advocate and created an event that united a community.

Diagnosed in 2008 with an abdominal desmoid tumor, Sera Snyder underwent two surgeries and embarked on a healing journey. Encountering more questions than answers about the ultra-rare disease, she was eager to do her part to help fund research. 


After running a half marathon in October 2009 to raise money for the Desmoid Tumor Research Foundation (a campaign she called, "Running for Answers"), Sera decided to try to make a bigger impact. With a committed and caring group of friends and family, Sera founded the Running for Answers 5 miler in 2010. Marrying her passion for running with her marketing talents, Sera and her small committee attracted over 350 runners and raised over $65,000 for DTRF in what became the first annual Running for Answers event. Since then, the Running for Answers 5K has raised over $1 million for DTRF.


Sera currently lives in Virginia, and blogs regularly about her journey to health. (Follow her at Sera is an advocate of a holistic approach to health and shares openly about how combining traditional and complementary therapies helps her thrive. Her authenticity, vulnerability, and compassion will make you love her, engage in her mission and inspire healthy change in your own life.


DTRF is grateful to Sera for using her strength and passion for bringing this special event to Philadelphia on behalf of the Foundation's mission.


We look forward to sharing this event with our patient community for years to come!

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