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Your Fundraising Appeal

Your fundraising "ask" can be super simple. In it, you can include your challenge and your story.


Feel free to use our language below. (We won't tell on you.)



Once you create your fundraising page, and set your fundraising goal, push it out to your family and friends via email and social media. You can share your story on it, along why their support will mean so much to you.

IDEA: One of our committee members decided to make her ask personal to her relationships with her donors. She asked people to make a gift to represent something about their connection. For example, her donor might give $72.96 OR $729.60 since they met on July 2, 1996. This makes the donation personal, and also gets the potential donor thinking about the special connection they have with the fundraiser.




I am writing to ask for your support in helping me raising awareness for the Desmoid Tumor Research Foundation, a foundation that is devoted solely to funding research for rare, desmoid tumors. 


This year, I will be participating in the RFA Virtual Challenge and raising funds to help the cause.


I've also created a challenge for myself! {If you're doing a challenge, include information about your challenge here}


Would you be willing to support me in this effort? 


There are several ways you can help:


Donate online or through the mail.  My online page is:  XXX. You may also donate via a check made out directly to the Desmoid Tumor Research Foundation, PO Box 273, Suffern, NY 10901.

Become a race sponsor. If you own a business and would like to make a corporate gift, learn more at our website

Sign up to become a challenger/fundraiser! If you’d like to join me in advocating for the Foundation, set up your own fundraising page by registering here!


Thanks you for your support!


With gratitude,

Your name

IDEA: On this fundraising page, take a look at how our fundraiser, Christina, posted her story AND updates.

This helped:

-her receive support. That's a great feeling! And she shared genuine thank you's in her updates.

-her donors feel engaged- that they were a part of her journey.

-educate her donors on her experience as a desmoid tumor patient. That's awareness!

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