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Your Child Can

Take the RFA Challenge!

Even your child can be a Challenger. (Those little legs can help fund a cure too!)


Although we won't have a Fun Run this year, kids can become Challengers too! 

Because we're virtual this year, there are many more ways to participate in this event- it's all up to you! You can include this challenge as part of your goal on your fundraising page OR you can set up one on behalf of your child (use your name when registering).

Here's how your family can participate:

Parents/guardians are invited to...

  1. Register for the RFA Virtual Challenge.

  2. Have their kids run/walk/somersault/crawl/swim/kartwheel/skip a certain distance (a block, the length of the backyard, a cul-de-sac, the kitchen floor, a swimming pool). 

  3. Measure the distance, and feel free to estimate when adding your fundraising goal to your fundraising page (ie. backyard is 100 feet = $1 or $10 per foot). 

  4. If you'd like, share video or photos of your kids doing the Challenge (sprints, cartwheels, somersaults, or walks) with us. We'll use those photos/videos to promote community events in the future.


Need more support? We got you!




And remember, you can always post in our Facebook accountability group, the RFA Challenge Chat, for support! Check in with us if you're looking to train, and would like to be held accountable. We are here to support you!

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