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Run/Walk/Roll an #RFA5KAtHome  

"This is the perfect challenge for families and individuals, especially right now. This gives challengers the perfect opportunity to fundraise,  share their experiences AND get their bodies moving."

~ Lynne H., RFA Race Director


Ah, you're bringing us back to our RFA roots! What's great about a virtual 5K is that you can do it on your own time, and map the route out yourself. You can train for it and recruit friends. 

Here are steps to plan your run/walk/roll:

  1. Choose the date of your run/walk. 

  2. Map that route!

  3. Tell your friends! This is exciting: You've set a goal and you're moving toward it.

  4. If you don't exercise regularly, get out and get moving a few times every week leading up to your run/walk. 

  5. Recruit friends to run/walk and ask them to donate to your fundraising page. They can either walk with you (socially distanced) or on their own. Ask them to send you photos of them hitting the pavement and share it with us in our accountability group!

  6. Run/walk on the road, on the trail, on the treadmill, at the gym or on the track and post photos on your fundraising page AND in our accountability group so that we can celebrate with you! (If you time yourself, be sure to include your time too!)


Some Challengers have chosen to do variations of the run/walk:

  • Natalie decided that she'd do a 5K run/walk for every $200 she raises. Her goal is $1,000 by September!

  • Daisy set out to raise $600 by September. She'll run a 10K for every $60 raised, and for every person who makes a $60 pledge, she'll run do a 6.2 mile run AND sing the song of her donor's choice, capture it on video and share it on social media!


Need more support? We got you!




And remember, you can always post in our Facebook accountability group, the RFA Challenge Chat, for support! Check in with us if you're looking to train, and would like to be held accountable. We are here to support you!

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