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Participate in the #ShoutOut4



Take the challenge! Here's a great way to show your donors how much their donation means to you... let's get creative! We're sure they'll appreciate this sweet (and fun) gesture.

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What is the #ShoutOut4Desmoids challenge?


This challenge requires committing to a big (relative to your physical ability) hike or climb on or before September 15th and fulfilling a promise to your donors when you reach the top. That promise is that you will film yourself SHOUTING OUT into the air “THANK YOU, {DONOR NAME}!” for every person who donated to your fundraiser and then post the video on social media for all to see!


BONUS! If you want to up the ante, you can add more promises! For example, you could say that for anyone donating $50 or more you’ll also do a little dance when you thank them at the top!


That sounds fun/embarrassing! Can you show me an example?


Long-time RFA Committee member and #DesmoidSurvivor Amanda came up with this idea in 2018, the only year she couldn’t attend RFA in person. She beat her personal fundraising record that year! She happened to be in the Canadian Rockies at the time of RFA, so the scenery was exceptional.


Watch Amanda’s 2018 shout out video.

*NOTE: You do not have to take a trip somewhere to do this challenge! This can easily be done in your own area or town/city with great results! You also don’t have to edit your video or make it fancy, a simple one-take video shot by someone else (or even a selfie-video) will do the trick.*


Where do I begin?


Choose your climb! It should be a physical “hike” of some variety, but you can get creative. It could be a traditional hike in nature/public park, a climb (or run) up a big public staircase, a stair-climb to the roof of a building – whatever is do-able and safe for you, and somewhat impressive! Plan to do this hike/climb no later than Sept. 19th. If you choose a long hike, you may want to train and post update videos or messages for your donors/potential donors leading up to the big hike.


Okay, I have my climb! What do I between now and Sept 15th?


Tell Your Story & Spread the Word! Over the next few months via social media and email, tell your friends and family that you’re taking the #ShoutOut4Desmoids Challenge, meaning that if they donate to your fundraiser by your hike/climb date, you will literally shout out their name and your gratitude from the top! Be sure to include that you promise to video yourself yelling out your ‘thank yous’ and to post the video shortly after you do your hike/climb. *Don’t forget to include the story of your personal connection with desmoid tumors and why this cause means so much to you.*


Starter Sample Language:

I’m taking the #ShoutOut4Desmoids RFA Challenge this year to raise funds for the DTRF and #desmoid tumor research! If you donate to my {INSERT TEAM NAME} fundraising page by Sept. {INSERT DAY}, I'll film myself SHOUTING OUT your name and my thanks to you from the top of {INSERT HIKE/CLIMB DETAILS} and share the video on social media for all to see! Thanks so much for your support! {INSERT FUNDRAISING PAGE LINK}


What do I do in September?


Keep Your Promise! On the morning of your climb, write down all the names of the donors listed on your fundraising page (and note any bonus promises, if needed). Make sure your phone is charged so that you can video at the top! Do your hike/climb and record your #ShoutOut4Desmoids video at the top (yes, even if there are other people around! That’s makes it more fun!). Post the video on social media as soon as you’re able and tag everyone who donated so they can see that you kept your promise (email any donors who aren’t on social media)!


Need more support? We got you!



And remember, you can always post in our Facebook accountability group, the RFA Challenge Chat, for support! Check in with us if you're looking to train, and would like to be held accountable. We are here to support you!

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