Can you get 15x15?

In 2016, we launched our first 15x15 team competition for RFA teams and now it's back for 2018 by popular demand... After all, the more people you have rallying with you on race day, the more fun it will be!

Here's how it works:

We challenge all RFA teams to recruit at least 15 virtual or in-person RFA participants by June 15. (Each virtual participant is charged with fundraising at least $200 by September 1st while in-person participants will actually be attending RFA on 9/23 and have the option of fundraising.)

"15x15 teams" (teams that hit the 15 participants by June 15th) will receive custom-designed t-shirts on race day for all of their team members who register before August 1st.

Additional challenge for team captains:

The three 15x15 team captains who recruit the most participants by June 15 will receive special prizes. All other 15x15 team captains will receive a shout out!

Questions about the 15x15 contest? Email

So..... can you get 15x15?

Thank you for your support


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