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Toolkit for Virtual Participants

Even if you can't make it to Philadelphia, you can still make a difference by participating in the 10th Annual Running for Answers 5K!

All you have to do is register as a virtual participant. We want to make being a virtual participant as easy as possible for you, so that you can enjoy training for race day (whether you run or walk)! In this packet you will find all the essential details you need, from fundraising tips to strategies for communicating about desmoid tumors.

Did you know that the Desmoid Tumor Research Foundation (DTRF) is the only organization in the world connecting patients and funding research related to the diagnosis and treatment of desmoid tumors? By participating in this year’s event, you are helping DTRF reach its goal of raising $200,000 for desmoid tumor research.

Whether you’re a patient, family member, friend or an advocate of the DTRF mission, we hope that being a part of Running for Answers brings inspiration, excitement and fun to everyone you have recruited for your team.

To learn more about RFA, please visit If at any time you have additional questions or comments, please contact us at

THANK YOU for your vital contributions in making this campaign a success, and for raising awareness for desmoid tumor research.

Thank you,

DTRF and the 2019 RFA Committee

How Can I Be a Part of Running for Answers 5K By Participating Virtually?

Great question! As a virtual 5K participant, you will be:

  • Fundraising for DTRF, the only U.S. foundation dedicated towards finding a cure solely for desmoid tumors

  • Creating awareness about desmoids by sharing your story, fundraising, recruiting team members and educating your network

  • Part of a virtual team of participants/ fundraisers

OK, I registered. Now what?

  • Review this packet for fundraising & team recruitment strategies

  • Commit to raising at least $200+ by September 22, 2019 (We’ll send you a thank you gift if you reach $200 by then!)

  • Recruit your team and have each member register online. Set a team fundraising goal of at least $500.

  • Search online for a 5K race to be held in your area on September 22, 2019; OR choose your own location (i.e. park, neighborhood), where you and your team will walk/run on that day. Even if you have never run or walked a 5K before, it’s never too late!

  • RFA’s theme is crazy socks. Even if you're not in Philadelphia with us, make sure you rock out wearing your favorite crazy socks on race day in honor of DTRF, RFA

  • Share pictures of you and your team in training or on race day, on social media! Show your pride walking, running and/or CELEBRATING, using our event hashtag #runforanswers.

Getting Started

Step 1: Register yourself online, create a fundraising page and create a team name!

By telling your story and how the desmoid tumors impacts YOU, you are sharing with people the importance of funding research for this disease.

Step 2: Commit to raising $200 as your fundraising minimum.

Step 3: Recruit friends and family to register as a part of your team.

Fundraising for DTRF

How to Talk About DTRF & Desmoid Tumors

Use the tools below to help you communicate the DTRF cause. Tell all of your team members to do these things too! Together, we can exponentially increase support.

Also, do you receive our newsletters? Share them with your loved ones to show the impact and reach that DTRF has.

What are desmoid tumors?

Desmoid tumors can affect anyone at any age. Though they don't metastasize, desmoids are locally aggressive and infiltrate and destroy the tissue around them as they grow - causing decreased function, loss of limb and even death. Their high recurrence rate forces many patients to undergo multiple surgeries, rounds of chemotherapy and radiation treatment, often with little success. There is currently no cure for desmoid tumors.

The Desmoid Tumor Research Foundation ( seeks to advance the science related to desmoid tumors, by:

  • Funding research related to the diagnosis and treatment of desmoid tumors;

  • Facilitating and enhancing the dialogue among members of the medical and scientific communities about research related to desmoid tumors;

  • Providing informational support for desmoid tumor patients and their families and friends, and heightening awareness of desmoid tumor diagnosis and treatment.

  • Encouraging tissue donation for key research projects

DTRF is the only foundation in the US dedicated to funding medical research for desmoid tumors. By taking part in Running for Answers, the Foundation’s largest fundraiser, you are truly bringing us one step closer to a cure. You can make a difference. Register now and help us find the answers! Learn more about The Desmoid Tumor Research Foundation by visiting our website.

More Fundraising Success Tips

I didn't realize how easy fundraising could be. Social media makes it easy and non threatening. People that I didn't know were donating because they knew my daughter from there child's class or was a friend of a friend. Before I knew it we raised $2500 and still going! - Jennifer with daughter Hannah

Sample Fun(d)raising Campaigns

Share your story to fundraise for RFA! Here are 2 fun campaigns that will bring awareness to desmoids and help you raise funds for DTRF!

Crazy Sock Day at Work: Approach your employer about your interest in supporting DTRF by implementing “Crazy Sock Day”, a special day where employees will make a suggested donation (i.e. $5, $10) to wear their crazy socks to work in honor of desmoid tumor awareness.

After the date is chosen, publicize the event in your workplace, sharing information about desmoid tumors and DTRF (see page 15). Make it clear that funds raised will help fund desmoid tumor research. Collect funds on Crazy Sock Day and put them towards your fundraising campaign!

Per Mile Fitness Campaign: We’re so excited that you’ll be participating in RFA this October! That means that you need to train for race day! Whether that includes regular walks and yoga classes or timed miles, getting ready for race day is an important part of RFA.

Consider using your training to fundraise. Having friends and family sponsor you per mile is a great way to stay motivated, fit AND raise funds for desmoid tumor research.

Decide what your goal looks like for race day. (Will you be running, walking or rolling in a wheelchair with a smile?)

Choose how to measure your training, leading to race day. Do you want friends and family to sponsor you per mile, per block, per step? How much would they pay for each mile, step, etc.?

Record your workouts and collect your sponsorships from friends and family. Share your progress leading to race day, and thank them for their encouragement and support.

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