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If you've already registered for RFA, you've probably noticed that you're using a new registration and fundraising platform this year! It's called "Classy" and it sure is!

Why did we change? So that....

  • You have easier/better tools to achieve your fundraising goals.

  • YOUR voice is amplified so that you can communicate your message more efficiently and effectively.

  • Your donors have a better giving experience and feel connected to your journey, and in turn, our mission.

One of our RFA team captains, Christina, registered and began fundraising early. She hit her fundraising goal 3 times! Let's look at what she did with her page that helped make it so successful:

  • She custom-designed her fundraising page by telling her story with photos and a link to her blog. She introduced herself and shared information about desmoid tumors, emphasizing our NEED FOR A CURE!

  • She showed that she wanted to connect with her loved ones by sharing how they could become part of her support network. How? By signing up as a teammate or by donating.

  • Realizing that not everyone can give online, she reached out to alma mater Voorhees Middle School and encouraged them to help her. They put on a walk-a-thon (see sign above) in support of DTRF and after sending in donations via mail to the Foundation, we added them to her online fundraising page so those donations count toward her total amount raised.

  • She engaged with her donors by posting updates on her progress in achieving her goal. Because her total raised increased so quickly, she kept changing her goal and making it higher, including an update with it.

Check out Christina's fundraising page here.

Loved ones want to give; they want the opportunity to help you. But they only know to do it if you show the need and ASK for help.

If you have any questions about this platform, email or call us at or 215.760.3977. We're happy to answer any questions you have. Thank you!

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