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Recruiting Your RFA Team

Give your family a reason to rally. A large part of Team Margie joins us from Ecuador!

There's nothing better than race day. Nothing. Going out to coffee or dinner are nice, but sharing an experience with your loved ones goes beyond having a few laughs across the table from each other.

So when you have the opportunity to marry an important cause, your favorite people and a thrilling morning with cheering and exercise, it's time to start rallying your troops.

Whether you are a patient, know a patient, or just want to get involved, reach out to everyone you know to make race weekend as meaningful as possible! Haven't seen your college friends in ages? This is a great time for a reunion! Someone you know celebrating a birthday or other milestone? What better way to start their best year or decade ever, side-by-side with friends and raising money for a great cause?


Bored with happy hour? Got a fitness contest going on within the office? Get a team of coworkers together and compete for the best race time! Slowest time buys lunch on Monday? Sounds like a good deal! Always check to see if your company will match your team contributions.


Is your school or student club looking to help the community? Are you in a fraternity or sorority looking for a charitable cause to adopt? Break up the semester by enjoying a beautiful fall weekend outdoors - maybe even start a 5K training group to off-set that late night pizza!


Haven't seen your favorite cousins in awhile? Invite them to join you for race weekend! Whether you decide to run or walk, get that heart rate going together for an arm-in-arm finish. Then you can enjoy your post race yoga cool down, followed by free ice cream. Well deserved!

Is your family not local? That's ok! Time for a road trip!

Interest Clubs/ Sports Teams

Are you on a local baseball, basketball or hockey team? Involved in a running, gardening or book club? Great! Ask your team or club if they want to branch out by doubling as a 2019 RFA Team.

We can't wait to see your team strut its stuff on race day....

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