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In Honor Of You

Running for Answers was founded by a desmoid tumor patient FOR desmoid tumor patients. The race continues in honor of YOU.

In an effort to shine the light on the patient experience and the impact of this rare disease, we invite all patients to submit a photo to us, along with the information below.

Your words and photo will be displayed on our In Honor Of section of the RFA website, alongside other patients in the community. We're excited to feature your words and we thank you for sharing with us!

Please read the information below thoroughly and send the following 3 items below to

1. The answer to ONE question from the list below and respond to it in 150 words or less

-Has there been a dramatic turning point along your desmoid journey? Describe it.

-What gives you the most hope in your fight against desmoid tumors?

-Describe the characteristics of the individuals in your life who have been the most supportive to you during your desmoid tumor journey.

-Describe your experience with meeting another desmoid tumor patient for the first time.

-Who or what inspires you most to keep fighting against desmoid tumors, and why?

-What is the one thing you wish your friends and/or family understood better about desmoid tumors and/or desmoid tumor patients?

2. A clear photo of JUST you

3. The direct link to your Running for Answers fundraising page (We will link to your fundraising page to allow visitors to the site to read your complete story, if you have chosen to write about it on your fundraising page, and/or donate to your team if they would like.)

Any questions? Looking for help writing? Email for help!

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