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Walk-a-thon for Christina

When Christina started the journey with her desmoid tumor, she reached out to her community of loved ones for support. She began sharing her story on a personal blog ( and connected online with other patients.

When fundraising for RFA, Christina cast a wide net. She shared her fundraising link for RFA on Facebook and conveyed how important desmoid tumor research was to her personally.

Christina shared about the "gift" she received from Voorhees Middle School:

"I am a graduate of Voorhees Middle School (VMS). It was at VMS that I had my first lead in a school play, sang with the jazz band, and learned from teachers I would later seek to emulate in my teaching career. My dad, Steve, now teaches eighth grade Social Studies at VMS.

In support of our family, the school hosted their 2018 Walk a Thon in honor of the DTRF. Participation was held throughout the day during PE class, and water bottles and soft pretzels were sold to raise funds. Also, many students gave generously above the $1 cost per item.

In addition, students in Health Classes made posters to decorate the fence around the track. On the day of the event, there was beautiful weather and a DJ playing music to keep the energy high. It was so inspiring to see so many thoughtful and inspiring students and signs of support of that day - and a joy to visit my teachers who still work there!"

This year, Christina's team, Unicorn Squad 2019!, will join us again for RFA. Come and join them by signing up at!

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