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Fundraising Secrets from Captain of Team Margie

Whenever we share ideas about RFA team spirit, we always bring up Team Margie.

After Margie was diagnosed with her desmoid tumor, she found the DTRF and decided to set her sights on participating and fundraising for RFA - the Foundation's largest fundraiser. Margie reached out to her local family, along with her family in Ecuador, for help. In 2014, Team Margie participated in RFA with 13 team members. Since then, they have more than doubled their team size and now have over 30 members!! Participants come from both the US and Ecuador. In addition, since 2014, Team Margie has raised over $40,000. We are thrilled to have Margie on "our team"!

“I got involved with DTRF only a few months after being diagnosed. The instant acceptance into this loving community of survivors has made coping with this illness that much easier”, says Margie. “RFA has given myself and my team something positive to look forward to each and every Fall!”

On race day, Team Margie brings so much heart. How has Margie made this happen?

Here she shares a few pointers with us on how to do the work of spreading awareness and raising funds:

1. Create a community within your team. This requires never ending the conversation about DTRF and running for answers. I have a chat group with Team Margie where I update them on the outcomes of my medical appointments and my daily struggles as a Desmoid patient. I also share news about the race and celebrate each time we receive a donation. My team truly provides me with the courage and support that I need all year.

2. Educate people around you. People are more willing to donate if they understand how critical their donation is to continue our efforts to find a cure for desmoids. Make donors feel important by letting them know where their money is allocated and the impact to you as a patient and others.

3. Identify the key players within your team to help you raise more funds.

4. Don’t be afraid to ask for donations. I always find it hard to ask every year for donations from the same people. However, don’t be afraid to seek out repeat donors just make it clear that there is no donation too small and that if they can’t donate this year, your team will try again next year.

Special thank you to Margie and her team for participating once again this year. We can't wait to see them shine on race day!

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