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And we're live!

This is it, folks!

For the first time ever, after 10 years of RFA's live event, DTRF has launched the RFA Virtual Challenge! This patient-fueled fundraising campaign will culminate in the 2020 DTRF Together We Will Virtual Weekend from September 25th- 27th!

What is the RFA Virtual Challenge?

  • A special opportunity for you to feel empowered by advocating for research efforts and creating awareness during September, Desmoid Tumor Awareness Month.

  • A fun way to engage with and support other community members by creating a personal challenge connected with your fundraising goal. We'll provide you with resources and accountability!

  • A fundraising campaign that launches with registration for the DTRF Together We Will Virtual Weekend (Fri, Sept 25th- Sun, Sept 27th)FREE weekend of events for patients and caregivers to learn and network with each other. When patients and caregivers register for the Virtual Weekend, they'll set up a fundraising page for the Virtual Challenge. Everyone else is able to sign up to fundraise by becoming a "challenger".

Take the challenge here! We will be sharing blogs weekly, which will include fundraising ideas, personal challenges, inspiration and support for you during this time. You have so many teammates behind you: your family, your fellow Desmoidians, your donors and DTRF.

We hope that you'll join us on this special journey of support and advocacy for desmoid tumor research.

Sign up here and check out our virtual toolkit to begin creating your personal challenge!

Let's do this!

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