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How Do I ask My Employer for a Donation (or Donation Match)?

Since many organizations have funds set aside for corporate giving, making donations to charities isn't foreign to them. Often, they want to support organizations that their employees support. Make your ask!

A few weeks ago, we spoke with a fundraiser who planned on approaching her employer about making a donation to DTRF. She was happy to share that her ask was met with a resounding "yes!"

We wanted to highlight a few components that helped make it successful.

1. She made it personal.

She made it personal. This patient shared her relationship to desmoid tumors and that it had a huge impact on her life. The fundraiser acknowledged in her email to HR that she knows they receive lots of requests for donations, but appreciates their consideration regardless.

2. She shared about the journeys of other patients.

As you know, desmoid tumors are so rare that most people have never heard of them. In her ask, this patient dropped well known names like Kevin Reilly and Dave Dravecky so that HR could understand get a sense as to the impact of this disease. More stories to share here.

3. She was specific in her ask.

Want something? There's a greater chance that you'll get what you need if you are clear about what you want. Interested in a $5,000 donation? Ask and even if you get a "no", you can revise the figure and continue asking. What do you have to lose?

Thank you for approaching your employer on behalf of DTRF. Have questions? Email We're happy to help!

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