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Introducing our RFA Challengers!

We've been excited to introduce you to some of our RFA Virtual Challengers over the past month, and we have more for you! Luckily, we're able to keep tabs on our Challengers since they share their progress in the RFA Challenge Chat. (Join the Chat to get started with your Challenge and connect with other Challengers!)

Below are just some of the cool things our Challengers are doing to fundraise for a cure. (The Ice Bucket Challenge has nothing on our Challengers!)

Introducing a few RFA Virtual CHALLENGERS: 

  • Amanda will do the #ShoutOutForDesmoids challenge where she'll shout thank you's to all of her donors into an abyss and capture it on video for donors! Interested in doing the same challenge? Check out her shout out video from 2018.

  • Brad lives in Ohio and is planning a challenge with his friend Steve in New York. Whoever raises the most $$$ will by the other takeout!

  • Bri is walking 1 mile for every $100 she raises. She's inviting family and friends to join her as she walks toward her goal!

  • Since she's been in Washington, Dana's been able to enjoy nature, and hiking! She'll will do a hike, weaving her diagnosis anniversary into her fundraising ask.

  • DeAnn is riding 2,100+ miles to Philly VIRTUALLY, on her stationary bike! She's recruiting donors as her team members. They can give, do the mileage or do both.

  • DeeDee is walking VIRTUALLY 355 miles to Philly, RFA's hometown! She's asked her loved ones for pledges and is sharing her progress every few days, along with photos of her morning sunrises.

  • Jackie has committed to creating a wackly lip sync video for every $200 she raises. Family and friends are keeping her busy creating videos, and the whole family gets involved in helping her with this project!

  • Lisa has created a fundraising page for Desmoid United UK, and has been working with her community to hit their fundraising goal. Goal smashed!

  • Lynne will #BraveTheShave and get a buzz cut if she reaches her goal. She'll donate her locks to "Locks of Love" and share her video with donors!

  • Natalie is doing a 5K for every $200 she raises. She's not crazy about fitness, but she's doing it anyway.... Goal smashed!

  • Sara is committed to swim 50 laps for every $100 she's raised. Within just a few days, she smashed her initial goal, and increased it!

Did you create a Challenge that you'd like to share with us? Join our Challenge Chat, and submit your fundraising story here. We want to hear how much fun you're having and how you're helping fund a cure for desmoid tumors!

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