Nominate Your Caregiver

Since 2012, RFA has featured a special annual award given on race day to one special caregiver. Even though RFA is VIRTUAL this year, we'll still be giving this award important award in honor of so many loved ones who have supported patients along their desmoid journeys.

We are currently accepting nominations for The Richard Firely, Sr. Caregiver of the Year award. To nominate your caregiver/ care partner for this award, complete this form by September 18th at midnight ET. At our Virtual Ceremony on Sunday, Sept 26th at 11am ET, join us as we award this special honor.

Learn more about Mr. Firely below...

Below, Mr. Firely's daughter, Susan, talks about how supportive her father, Richard, was in her desmoid journey.

"Richard Firely, Sr. was a father to 3 of us kids--my older brother Rich, me, and my younger brother Doug. He was a project manager for the federal government and had worked there for 38 years, and retired last July. In November 2011, he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, and he passed away on April 27th. If there is any legacy he would have hoped to leave, it would be that he was a great father. And he was. Throughout my journey with desmoid tumors, he was my support and my cheerleader. He and my mom were at my bedside through every procedure and surgery. He used to send me treats and packages in the mail to lift my spirits during recovery.

My entire family came out for the 1st and 2nd Running for Answers (in 2010 and 2011). My dad was normally a very quiet guy, but both of those days he turned to me and said "What a great day. You're healthy and the whole family is here. I'll always remember today." The day he started chemo he sent me a text that read, "You have been an inspiration to me many times...this time included." Which may seem like simple words, but wow! He was going through a painful treatment yet still thought that I was the strong one.

My dad made me feel brave, and strong- like I could tackle this disease even through every setback. So that's why I think he is deserving of having this award named after him, and I am sure there are many other desmoid patients who are lucky enough to have wonderful caregivers in their lives as well." - Susan Firely Horan