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Your Virtual Toolkit 

"I didn't realize how easy fundraising could be... People that I didn't know were donating because they knew my daughter from their child's class or because they were friends of friends. Before I knew it we raised $2,500 and we're still going!”

~ Jennifer D., Caregiver

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Designing your Challenge 

Join the Challenge Chat

NEW! Connecting Your Fundraising Page to Facebook

NEW! Structure of RFA teams

Receiving Donations

NEW! Milestone Prizes for Challengers

Other Fundraising Tips




Fundraising can be really exciting, especially when you're raising funds for an important cause. There are opportunities to share your story and connect with others in your experience. Setting a goal and working towards it can be empowering!

This year, RFA will be 100% virtual! Although we will not have an in-person component, there is still an opportunity to raise funds on behalf of DTRF.


Because we're going virtual this year, we decided to add an interesting component to the fundraising experience. The RFA Virtual Challenge invites fundraisers (or "challengers") to design a personal challenge and match a fundraising goal with it.

*𝙋𝙇𝙀𝘼𝙎𝙀 𝙉𝙊𝙏𝙀: When choosing your challenge, we strongly encourage participants to put the health and safety of themselves and others first and to abide by all rules and guidelines in effect in their area to ensure everyone has a positive experience.*

Designing Your Challenge


Q: How Do I Design My Challenge?

A: Start by choosing your level of engagement. (Kids are invited to do the RFA Kid's Challenge! See Level 1 below.)


Join the RFA Virtual Challenge, and participate on any level depending on how much time, energy and creativity you would like to dedicate to it. Below we've listed 3 levels of engagement. Choose one and that will help you narrow down how to design your challenge!

I've registered and I'm taking the RFA Virtual Challenge!



...Do an RFA 5K At Home in my neighborhood!

Step-by-step instructions



...Create a fundraising page and push it out!

Instructions + sample language

Remember to join our Facebook Challenge Chat where we'll hold you accountable to your challenge. Share your challenge and fundraising goal and your progress there so we can support you!


Don't forget... let us (and the community) be your biggest cheerleader!


...Participate in the #DIZZY4DESMOIDS Challenge!

Step-by-step instructions

Watch a sample Dizzy4Desmoids video here!


...Do your own #ShoutOutforDesmoids Challenge!

Step-by-step instructions


...Take the #BravetheShave Challenge!

Step-by-step instructions


Be sure to join our Facebook Challenge Chat where we'll hold you accountable to your challenge. Share your challenge and fundraising goal and your progress there so we can support you!

Remember, the community is your biggest cheerleader!


...Design my own personal challenge

Examples here

After you sign up for the RFA Virtual Challenge and build your fundraising page, be sure to join our Facebook Challenge Chat where we'll hold you accountable to your challenge. Share your challenge and fundraising goal and your progress there so we can support you!


Let us be your biggest cheerleader!


Join the RFA Challenge Chat!

Participating in the RFA Virtual Challenge is a great opportunity for you to engage with the community in a new way. Join our RFA Challenge Chat on Facebook, share your successes and milestones, videos and photos. We want to hear your stories around your challenge! Let us be your biggest cheerleader!


BRAND NEW! Connecting Your Fundraising Page to Facebook

For the first time ever, when you create your fundraising page for the RFA Virtual Challenge, with one simple click of a button, you'll be able to automatically create a Facebook fundraiser that will be connected to it. (Both your Facebook fundraiser and your fundraising page will collect donations. They will be integrated, so the dollar amount reflected on both will be the same.)


Here's how to set up your Facebook fundraiser for the RFA Virtual Challenge:


  1. While you're customizing your RFA fundraising page, click on the word "FACEBOOK". (See the dashboard in the graphic below.)

  2. Add content to your Facebook fundraiser with a personalized graphic, a title to describe your goal, and a description sharing your story. (Give it a catchy title that will attract a lot of attention!)

  3. Save it and you're ready to go!






What does an RFA Virtual Challenge "team" look like?

In previous years, team captains would create teams and build their teams by encouraging them to register as team members. Team members would show up and RALLY on race day!


This year, since we will be virtual, the team experience will be different and team captains will have a different way of building their teams.* 

Team captains are encouraged to ask team members to support them by: 

a) making a donation to your fundraising page OR

b) by having the loved one register and create their OWN fundraising page

*PLEASE NOTE: There will not be an option to create a traditional team when registering, so people who try to sign up for a specific team (as in previous years) will be unable to do so.

Receiving Donations

All checks should be sent to the address below, and we'll add the amounts to your fundraising page! Email us at if you want to be sure that your checks have been received.


P.O. Box 273

Suffern, NY 10901

When you set up your fundraising page, you'll see an option called "FACEBOOK". If you click on that, you'll be given the option of creating a Facebook fundraiser so if someone gives to your Facebook fundraiser, it will reflect on your RFA Challenge fundraising page, and vice versa. You'll be able to customize the Facebook fundraiser by uploading a photo, naming it, and adding a description of your fundraiser!


Milestones for Challengers

Because our Challengers all over the world are working so hard to achieve their challenges and fundraising goals, we'll acknowledge your work with milestone awards! 

Milestone 1

Raise $500 by July 31st at midnight, and you'll receive a $10 Starbucks card and 5 DTRF jelly bracelets! 


Milestone 2

Raise $1,000 by August 31st at midnight ET, and you'll receive a $25 value gift card and 2 DTRF brandanas!

Milestone 3

Raise $1,500 by September 25th at midnight ET, and you'll receive a $25 value gift card + 2 DTRF brandanas + 5 DTRF jelly bracelets + A SPECIAL SURPRISE!

Other Fundraising Tips

Talking about Desmoid Tumors

Tips from DTRF Board Member, Rachel Sitta

Secrets from the Captain of Team Margie 

Fundraiser Christina Navigates Our Fundraising Platform, Classy 

Also, here are some past events that have been hosted by fundraisers

Please reach out to with any questions, and thank you for your hard work!

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Designing You Challenge
Join the Challenge Chat
Connecting Facebook to Your Fundraising Page
Structure of RFA Teams
Receiving Donations
Milestone Prizes for Challengers
Other Fundraising Tips
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