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Desmoid Tumor Research Foundation

The DTRF educates patients and partners with them to fund critical research efforts as we move toward one goal: a cure for desmoid tumors.

The Desmoid Tumor Research Foundation (DTRF) seeks to advance the science related to desmoid tumors, by:

  • Funding research related to the diagnosis and treatment of desmoid tumors;

  • Facilitating and enhancing the dialogue among members of the medical and scientific communities about research related to desmoid tumors;

  • Providing informational support for desmoid tumor patients and their families and friends, and heightening awareness of desmoid tumor diagnosis and treatment.

  • Encouraging tissue donation for key research projects

DTRF is the only foundation in the US dedicated to funding medical research for desmoid tumors. By taking part in Running for Answers, the Foundation’s largest fundraiser, you are truly bringing us one step closer to a cure. You can make a difference.  Register now and help us find the answers!

Learn more about The Desmoid Tumor Research Foundation by visiting 
our website .

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